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  • Air and vapour retarder made of 2-layer material for pitched roofs.As a vapour retarder DELTA®-LUXX regulates moisture due to its Sd-value of approx. 2 mDELTA®-LUXX stops draughts escaping from the inside, thus reduction energy consumption.

  • An energy-saving air and vapour barrier made of 4-ply material. As DELTA-REFLEX PLUS, with integrated self-adhesive edge for fast, airtight laying. 100 % Air- and Vapour-Tight 50 % Heat Reflection 10 % more Insulation DELTA®-REFLEX shields off up to 99 % of hazardous electromagnetic radiation. 4-layer composite. Rugged, strong, flexible and easy to install

  • Tear-resistant vapour barrier for greater safety under the roof. Grid-reinforced, translucent, easy to lay.  DELTA-NEOVAP 20 reduces the diffusion flow from inside far enough to comply with the condensation control requirements of DIN 4108 in winter. DELTA-NEOVAP 20 is translucent and thus easy to install. Moreover, it may combined with all DELTA sarking...

  • Universal adhesive tape with very strong adhesion. Highly resistant to ageing. Suitable for internal and external use.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items