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SICC-Coatings is a leading developer of paints and construction products that provide characteristics beyond the decorative aspect which contribute immensely to the well-being and health of people. Far ahead of the trend to energy saving, years ago SICC-Coatings already produced and provided coatings that are applied like any ordinary coat but clearly reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings.

The products of SICC-Coatings send clear messages even for removal of moss and algae on facades, solving interior and exterior problems with humidity, mildew-renovation and special hygienic demands of allergic persons. Next to the human wish for comfort through a well-balanced indoor climate, energy saving and environmental protection are main priorities!


SICC GmbH was founded on 5th March 2003 under German law and registered on 28th April 2003 in the Commercial Register of Berlin-Charlottenburg under the number HRB 88 630. The purpose of the company is the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative high-tech coatings, whose characteristics step out by far simple decoration aspects, characteristics with enormously contribution to the well-being and health. The sensationel and convincing new development of the ThermoShield technology made by the partners and friends of Joe Raver, have convinced the former president of SPM ThermoShield

Inc. and led him to become part of SICC GmbH with headquarter in Berlin in 2003. Since March 2003, Mr. Joseph Lloyd Raver is one of the founding shareholder of the company. 

Together with a team of scientists and highly qualified professionals, from whom every individual can be stated with pride as a specialist in his area, the company operates globally and is the leading supplier of thermo-ceramic membrane technology with endothermic effects.

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  • Facade coating with ready-to-use humidity and thermal-damping properties. Reduces the formation of algae and reduces energy consumption. High-tech coating for facadesLong term, heat saving system - paint Optical stability even after years

  • Groundlayer concentrate for sucking, mineral surfaces ThermoShield FixPlus strengthens all substrates according to DIN 18500, when the adhesion capacity is not sufficient and it regulates the absorption capacity. ThermoShield FixPlus has a very good intrusion in the substrate, dries quickly, is vapor-open, solvent-free and offers a high firmness....

  • The glossy appearance to the building. ThermoShield GlossPlus is a colourless, aqueous protection for ThermoShield coatings with UV-blocker for outdoor applications. Glossplus improves the cleaning capabilities of ThermoShield coatings and increases the mechanical resistance. PackageSingle: 5 litre bucketSingle: 10 litre bucket

  • We have the solution for your problem.A customer-driven feature makes a wide range of applications possible. PackageSingle:   5 l bucketSingle: 12.5 l bucket

  • Thermo paint ThermoShield Interieur - ready to use resistant internal coating based on thermo-ceramic membrane technology. It is suitable for almost all surfaces indoors. Conductive water vapor evenly distributes the heat in the room. Cover (0.30 to 0.35 mm) and 31% increases the heat source heat exchanger to the environment at a constant temperature...

  • Very robust and durableHigh-tech coating for timber construction parts in outdoor application.

  • Primer especially developed for Nature and NatureLasur with moisture adjusting operation. NaturePrimer can be applied with brush, roller or sprayer.

  • Once it becomes very rusty ThermoShield RustPrimer works wonderful and offers a proper adhesion. ThermoShield RustPrimer is an aqueous, solvent-, lead- and chromate-free anti-corrosion primer on acrylic resin basis for indoor and outdoor application. ThermoShield RustPrimer is as an average anti-corrosion protection on metal substrates. PackageSingle: 12...

  • Suitable for the surface - with StuccoPrimer! With StuccoPrimer the sucking features of the surface are reduced and adhesion of StuccoTex becomes possible on almost all surfaces. The processing is simple: just using the brush or sheepskin roller.

  • The roof coating is available in any color. High-tech roof coating without tendency to become brittle New roofing is usually up to 60% more expensive! The desire of many property owners to have a roof that looks as new and which remains sealed with a professional roof coating for many years is fullfilled with ThermoShield TopShield. PackageSingle: 12.5 l...

  • VitalAktiv & VitalPrevent (Vital A & P) deactivate mold and the associated allergens, both on the wall (and ceiling) as from the air. So far there are no known micro-organisms which are not addressed by Vital A & P. Because of the good material tolerance building parts are not adversely affected.

  • Good adhesion requires a strong partner. ThermoShield ZinkPrimer is the ideal addition for all following ThermoShield coatings on all non-ferrous substrates. Single: 2.5 l bucketSingle: 10 l bucket

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