AG T29 Gypsum plaster applied by hand View larger

AG T29 Gypsum plaster applied by hand

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AG T29 Gypsum plaster applied by hand
For manual application of gypsum, single coat plaster on walls and ceilings in rooms not exposed to permanent moisture and condensation of steam. Provides an ideal underlay for ceramic lining, decorative plaster, finish coat, wallpaper and paint. Minimum plaster coating thickness: 8 mm. Intended for interior use.

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Composition: blend of gypsum binder, minerals and additives
Bulk density approx. 0,9 kg/dm³
Appropriate amount of water approx. 13,5 dm³/25 kg
approx. 0,54 dm³/1 kg
Initial set >20 min.
Workability approx. 30 min.
Processing time approx. 120 min.
Binder content expressed in CaSO4 ≥50 % of the compound
Compressive strength ≥2 MPa
Bending strength ≥1 MPa
Adhesion ≥0,3 MPa
Fire resistance class A1
Yield approx. 27 dm³ out of 25 kg
approx. 1,1 dm³ out of 1 kg
Coverage approx. 0,9 kg/m²/mm

Declaration of conformity has been issued for the product.
Reference document: PN-EN 13279-1:2009.
The product has been approved by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

Unit              Collective
25 kg bag     1200 kg pallet wrapped with membrane

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