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  • Dörken GmbH & Co

    "There is one thing we of Dörken stand for primarily:
    premium quality from Herdecke."

    If you want safety for your pitched roof, put your trust in DELTA®. If you want to protect foundation walls reliably from moisture, build on DELTA®. 
    For more than 120 years, we have been standing for top quality, innovative power, and reliability.

  • Röben

    Röben is the biggest privately-owned ceramics company in Germany, with 14 works in Europe and the USA. Our products can be obtained almost anywhere in the world through our sales partners.

  • SICC GmbH - ThermoShield Europe


    SICC-Coatings is a leading developer of paints and construction products that provide characteristics beyond the decorative aspect which contribute immensely to the well-being and health of people. Far ahead of the trend to energy saving, years ago SICC-Coatings already produced and provided coatings that are applied like any ordinary coat but clearly reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings.

    The products of SICC-Coatings send clear messages even for removal of moss and algae on facades, solving interior and exterior problems with humidity, mildew-renovation and special hygienic demands of allergic persons. Next to the human wish for comfort through a well-balanced indoor climate, energy saving and environmental protection are main priorities!


    Improve your wellbeing with the right insulation

    Natural insulating materials for healthier living

    "The insulating material that retains the heat" This is the uncommon advantage of STEICO insulating materials. STEICO wood fibre insulating materials can do even more than provide protection against the cold, they are multi-talented contributing more to your well-being and help to provide a healthy dwelling.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items