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AT 398 Decorative plaster CREATIVO

AT 398

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For decorative thin-coat internal and external plaster coating. Especially recommended for decorating walls in heavy foot traffic areas such as: staircases, hallways and corridors, building façades, as well as on upstands, attached piers and cornices. Available colours according to ALPOL MOSAIC.

Single: 25 kg bucket / Collective: 600 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Substrate type
Cement and cement-lime plaster and mortars, concrete substrates, gypsum boards.

Substrate preparation
The substrate should be dry, clean, stable, sound and properly seasoned (28 days after plaster application), free from grease, anti-adhesion agents, mould, algae, moss, cracks, salt efflorescence etc. Remove brittle and loose material of poor bonding strength, patch chipped plaster with ALPOL AZ 130 quick-setting mortar or ALPOL AZ 135 levelling mortar. Wash grease and anti-adhesive agents using water with detergent. Remove mould, algae, moss etc. with appropriate chemicals or/and mechanically with brush and jet of water. Treat loose or absorbing substrates with ALPOL AG 700 deep-penetrating primer. Treat the substrate with ALPOL AG 705 plaster primer at least 24 hours before applying the plaster. It is recommended to stain the primer to the colour of particles prevailing in the plaster.

Instructions for use
Carefully mix the plaster with low-speed mixer before application. Spread evenly with a stainless steel float to around 1.5 times of grain thickness. Level and smoothen the coating using the same tool before the surface starts drying. Do not press the float too much against the surface. Do not sprinkle or trowel the plaster surface! Once applied, the plaster has a milky-white colour that fades in the course of time. The surfaces should be joined, applying “wet-on-wet” technique. Continue working on a given surface to avoid differences in plaster texture. Furthermore, to avoid differences in the texture and colour, after half of a container is used, it is recommended to top it up with fresh plaster compound from a new container and to mix it carefully together, or use material of the same batch number as indicated on each container. If the work has to be stopped, stick self-adhesive tape along the marked line, apply and smoothen the plaster to the tape. Then tear the tape out. While resuming work, continue it from the previously marked point. While joining the surfaces, it is advised to protect the edge of previously set plaster with the adhesive tape again. The tape should be removed after applying and final smoothening of the compound on the joint. Do not use dirty or rusty tools or containers.

Low-speed mixer, basket mixer, stainless steel floats and trowels.

Working conditions

Before use, check if the colour and granulation are as ordered Work in dry conditions, at the ambient and surface temperatures between +8°C and +25°C and relative air humidity less than 80%. Do not mix the plaster with other plasters, bonders or filling compounds. Do not thin with water. Avoid working in intense, direct sunlight, strong wind and high air humidity. Protect the plaster work from rain until it fully sets. High air humidity and low temperature can prolong setting time and change the colour shade. If exposed to moisture, “milky mist” may appear. It will disappear when the surface dries out. Therefore, avoid applying the plaster in areas where it will be exposed to contact with water or moisture (e.g. horizontal surfaces or those featured with insufficient inclination, small ponds etc.), and on components which are not properly insulated against moisture (foundations, fencing, or retaining walls).

In original, not damaged, tightly closed containers in temperature between +8°C and +25°C – shelf life 12 months from production date. Tightly close opened containers and use the remaining contents as soon as possible. Protect the product from freezing and overheating.

The specifications and instructions for use are given for the temperature of (20±2)°C and relative air humidity of (60±5)%. Drying and final set time may alter in different conditions. Wear safety goggles. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Protect your skin. Use protective clothing and gloves. Keep away from children. Clean fresh stains with water. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by unskilful or inappropriate use of the product.

Composition: acrylic co-polymer dispersion, natural colour or stained mineral aggregate and additives
Volume density approx. 1.7 kg/dm³
Drying time approx. 24 h
Final set approx. 3 days
Granulation 2.5 mm
Aggregate type: natural, stained
Coverage approx. 5.5 kg/m²
Colour: according to ALPOL MOSAIC swatch, BIOKO pallet

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