AM 810 White polymer finish coat ALPOL Putz M

AM 810

New product

For applying a thin-layer smooth finish on plasters, gypsum boards, paint coatings and concrete substrates. For patching slightly chipped areas and irregularities on plaster and concrete surfaces.  

Single: 3 kg bucket / Collective: 450 kg 
Single: 10 kg bucket / Collective: 540 kg 
Single: 25 kg bucket / Collective: 600 kg 

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For applying a thin-layer smooth finish on plasters, gypsum boards, paint coatings and concrete substrates. For patching slightly chipped areas and irregularities on plaster and concrete surfaces. Also suitable for pointing gypsum board joints using reinforcing tape. Suitable for use on walls and ceilings inside the buildings, in rooms unexposed to moisture. For hand or machine application. Especially recommended for application with the use of hydrodynamic units.

Substrate preparation

Substrate type
Gypsum, cement, cement-lime and lime plasters, gypsum boards, dispersion and oil paint coats as well as concrete substrates.

Substrate preparation
Substrate should be seasoned, clean, dry, stable and sound. Remove remains of paint and other contamination. Significantly chipped areas should be patched with ALPOL AZ 130 quick setting mortar or ALPOL AZ 135 levelling mortar. Treat the loose surface with ALPOL AG 700 or ALPOL AG 704 deep penetrating primer to reduce substrate absorption, if necessary. Patch small cracks and scratches with a thin coat of the product. Bubbles in concrete and very coarse plaster surfaces should be filled thoroughly.

Notes and instructions

Instructions for use
Spread the finish coat with a stainless steel float to form a layer between 1 and 2 mm thick, until smooth and regular finish is achieved. Apply the second coat after the first one has set. After the second coat has dried out, grind all irregularities with sand paper or a grinding mesh. Unused product can be used later, if stored in a tightly closed container. The finish coat is also suitable for machine application.

Low-speed electric mixer, basket mixer, finish coat application unit, stainless steel floats, putty knife, trowel, hand sander with mesh or sandpaper.

Working conditions
Work in ambient and substrate temperatures between +5°C and +25°C. Low temperature and high air humidity prolong drying time of the finish coat. Do not allow the fresh finish coat to moisten or dry excessively. Attention must be paid to ensure good room ventilation.

In original, not damaged, tightly closed containers in temperature between +5°C and +25°C – shelf life 12 months from production date. Tightly close the container after its opening. Protect from frost during transport and storage.

The specifications and instructions for use are given for the temperature of (23±2)°C and relative air humidity of (50±5)%. The workability and technical properties may alter in different conditions Wear safety goggles. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Protect your skin. Use protective clothing and gloves. Keep away from children. Use water to remove fresh dirt or ALPOL AI 770 cleaner to remove hardened dirt. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by unskilful or inappropriate use of the product.

General recommendations
Work according to building practice, observing health & safety standards and regulations.

Composition: styrene-acrylic co-polymer water dispersion, white mineral fillers and modifying additives
Volume density approx. 1.8 kg/dm³
One coat drying time:
– on non-primed surface
– on primed surface
approx. 6 h
approx. 12 h
Crack strength no cracks within 50 mm from the thin end of a wedge
Bending strength (destroying load) ≥ 200 N
Adhesion to gypsum plasterboard ≥ 0.25 N/mm² or board damage
- residual on sieve 0.315 mm
- residual on sieve 0.2 mm
0% of the compound
≤ 1% of the compound
Fire resistance class A2-s1, d0
Yield approx. 14 dm³ out of 25 kg
approx. 5.5 dm³ out of 10 kg
approx. 1.65 dm³ out of 3 kg
approx. 0.55 dm³ out of 1 kg
Coverage approx. 1.6 kg/m²/mm

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