PIEMONT red natural

PIEMONT red natural

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Red natural

Flat roof tile 10.1-11.0 pieces / m²

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Perfect for both new and refurbished roofs, it makes it easy to cover tough areas such as baskets, which is why large sliding factors are the technical advantage of the roof tiles. Classical design with a modern touch of flattened wave makes it well suited to lumps of buildings maintained in more traditional and contemporary style.
The most important features of the Piedmont system are:
- large sliding range - up to 38 mm, which facilitates hiding, especially in rough areas
- specially designed locks for tightness
- versatility - will work on every type of roof
- attractive design with flattened wave
- wide palette of both more traditional and modern colors
Characteristic of the technical qualities of the pottery - Frost resistance, strength, low absorbency and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Product specification:

Gewicht / Stück ca. 4,0 kg
Decklänge (auch GOZ) ca. 367 - 405 mm
Mittlere Deckbreite ca. 247 mm
Gesamtlänge ca. 474 mm
Gesamtbreite ca. 292 mm
Stückbedarf/m² ca. 10,0 - 11,0
Regeldachneigung* 22°
Stück / Europalette 240
Gewicht / Europalette 985 kg
*Geringere Dachneigungen sind bei entsprechenden Zusatzmaßnahmen möglich.

First (cloverleaf)
Roof angle 22° 25° 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55° 60°
LAF * 70 70 65 60 55 55 55 50 50
FLA * 110 105 100 90 85 75 70 60 50
* Values determined with roof panels 3x5 cm. When using other slat cross sections, please check the dimensions on the construction site.
Ridge batten distance. Measure from the apex of the rafters to the upper edge of the ridge plate.
Batten spacing ridge. Measure from the apex of the rafters to the front edge of the first roof panel.

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