STEICOflex 100 mm

STEICO flex 100 mm

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Natural wood fiber insulation STEICO flex 100 mm thickness 

Flexible cavity insulation in roof, dry wall and floor constructions
Cavity insulation for partition walls, external walls and service zones


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  • flexible insulation not just thermal but also acoustic 
  • Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
  • Water vapour open for a healthy indoor climate
  • Climate regulating with a high sorption capacity
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor climate
  • reduces thermal bridges
  • non irritant
  • Easily cut and handled
  • semi rigid for ease of installation
  • Ecologically and environmentally certified
  • Recyclable


Length:  1220 mm
Width:     575 mm
Thickness: 50 mm

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Pallet 33.672 m2
Quantity on pallet pack. (pcs/pack.) 10 pack/ 6 pc.
Pack 7,015 m2
Pallet weight Net, 168.36 kg
Pallet dimensions ~1,15 x 1,22 x 2,20 iki 2,65(h)m
Pallets in truck 22

STEICO flex - Wood Fibre Insulation which can be delivered throughout Ireland

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