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Facade coating with ready-to-use humidity and thermal-damping properties. Reduces the formation of algae and reduces energy consumption.

High-tech coating for facades
Long term, heat saving system - paint

Optical stability even after years

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One finish, three solutions

Protection against aging, algae, moss and mold growth, coupled with an arsenal of about 100,000 color shades and an improvement of the energy balance, both in hot and cold climatic zones.

Due to the unique interaction between a polyacrylate dispersion with thermoceramic Microspheres (vacumized ceramic bubbles) and activators a thermoceramic membrane occurs after applying. As a hygric diode it protects the facade against the penetration of precipitation and condensation. At the same time, the facade is dehumidified by the capillary action of the ThermoShield membrane. Due to these dehydration properties of the facade, the insulation improves and transmission losses are reduced. During winter solar proceeds of the low sun may be absorped more effectively by the dry wall and thereby significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building.

In summer, because of the endothermische properties of the ThermoShield membrane, shortwave sunlight reflection and specific evaporation processes, the facade parts are chilled. That leads to a reduction of cooling cost and to significant cost savings. At the same time, the outside walls are kept dry, thus preventing any emergence of algae, especially at insulated exterior facades. When applied in warm climate zones the transmission heat transport is reduced from outside to inside.

Because of the reflective functionality and targeted evaporation of condens water ThermoShield Exterieur works thermally smoothing and prevents possible crack formations.

  •  variable vapour permeable
  •  moisturizing
  •  prevents the formation of algae, moss, fungus and rash
  •  resistant against environmental pollution such as smog, ozone, salts and acids
  •  thermal snugly in the summer
  •  energy saving in winter
  •  dirt repellent
  •  very high color stability in more than 100,000 shades
  •  extended renovation intervals
  •  VOC-poor and free of organic solvents
  •  crack filling and covers cracks
  •  easy to process

Permanent protection/dehumidification


ThermoShield Exterieur gives the underlying wall enough air to breathe. After application an endothermal membrane is created, which acts as a hygric diode and sucks moisture from the facade based on its capillary structure.

Lower energy consumption

Dry walls insulate better than damp walls. The permanent capillary structure ensures that moisture is sucked out of the wall. This feature makes our products especially suitable for renovation of old buildings. In addition, temperature variations will be settled efficiently, and the fassade is protected against thermal stresses.

Optical stability even after years

The danger of fine hairline cracks humidifying a facade and thus promote the development of algae and mosses, is clearly reduced by the excellent robustness of the paint layer.
Without cracks no moisture from outside gets in and therefore no algae and moss. Moreover ThermoShield reduces the electrostatic charge of the facade and reduces the formation of dirt particles.